lunes, 20 de agosto de 2012

Hotel Doña Teresa **** in La Alberca, Salamanca, love it at the first sight!

Luxury Hotel in the historical city center of La Alberca (Salamanca).

In “Doña Teresa” Hotel you will find the most exquisite rooms of La Alberca, in the heart of the mountain range “ Sierra de Francia”. The village was declared the first village in Spain with the denomination of National Heritage in 1945. 

The whole hotel is a master piece on its own. It is set up with all kinds of luxury and details, such as handcrafted wooden coffered ceilings, handrails and furniture, hand-made counterpanes, paintings and traditional craftsmanship.

The common places of the hotel have a familiar environment where you will feel like at home.... These areas are:

  • Cafeteria, where people stop by and accompany a good conversation with coffee. 
  • Terrace: you will find tranquility listening the sound of the “Francia” river flowing next to the hotel. 
  • Salon:you will get all the information needed to go touring (routes, excursions, services, and customs of the village) 
  • Chimney Hall: specially loved in Winter time, it´s the ideal place to sit next to the chimney and enjoy the after-dinner time. 
  • Restaurants: we have many different ones, depending on your tastes.

If you stay in Doña Teresa, you´ll also be able to enjoy the close facilities of the luxury complex “Abadía de los Templarios ****Sup” (0.9 miles away), with more than 100,000 square metres of nature:
  • 47 Villas with capacity for 2-8 people 
  • SPA “Acueducto” 
  • Playpen for kids 
  • Horses
  • Swimming pool “El Lago” 
  • Tennis/Paddle court 
  • Disco Pub “La Cueva” 
  • Congress center (350 pax)
  • Restaurants and terraces
  • Events, concerts...
  • Etc.
If this is still not enough, we encourage you to go hiking around the village in the unique natural environment: the "Francia Mountain Range" and the "Natural Park of Batuecas".
The wonderful environment and views will capture your senses and will be the sweetest icing on the cake to finish a marvellous time with us in La Alberca.

You can also contact with the luxury complex “Abadía de los Templarios ****Sup” by clicking on the next link: www,abadiadelostemplarios.com

You will always be welcomed!


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